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Can a Pinched Back Nerve Go Away on its Own?

Our Team09/15/2023

Wondering when it may be time to seek treatment for what feels like a pinched nerve in your back? We can help.


How Can Regenerative Medicine Help Heal Soft Tissue Injuries?

Our Team08/06/2023

Explore regenerative medicine at Pain Zero in New Albany, OH, and learn how it can be an effective treatment option for soft tissue injuries.


How Can Pain From Spinal Stenosis be Relieved?

Our Team07/28/2023

Explore effective spinal stenosis treatments at Pain Zero in New Albany, OH, relieving your symptoms and and improving your quality of life.


Abdominal Pain: What Is It and How Can It be Treated?

Our Team06/30/2023

Discover what may be causing your abdominal pain and what treatment options you have to find relief.


How Chronic Pelvic Pain Affects Both Men and Women

Our Team04/26/2023

Pelvic pain lasting more than six months is considered chronic and can be both discouraging and disruptive, but we can help.


Are You Still Experiencing Pain After Surgery? Get A Second Opinion.

Our Team03/31/2023

Don’t suffer from post-surgical pain any longer than you have to. A customized pain management program can help.


Treating Vertebral Compression Fractures With Minimally Invasive Procedures

Our Team02/20/2023

Back braces and medications may only mask the side effects of a vertebral compression fracture. Correct the problem with kyphoplasty.


Knee Pain? Hip Pain? Shoulder Pain? Back Pain? You May Not Need Surgery

Our Team02/13/2023

Don’t jump straight to surgery when it comes to joint and muscle pain relief.


Cancer Pain and New Interventional Therapies Underutilized In the Ohio Area

Our Team01/30/2023

Explore new options for treating cancer pain that may be effective and appropriate for you.


How to Manage Chronic Pain Safely With Opioid Treatments

Our Team12/13/2022

There are many safe, nonaddictive alternatives to opioids for pain management.


When Is Minimally Invasive Treatment Needed?

Our Team10/13/2022

A closer look at minimally invasive spine surgery, including when and why it may be the most appropriate treatment option for some patients.


How Can Knee Pain After an Injury Be Treated?

Our Team09/22/2022

Avoid the downsides of knee surgery with these nonsurgical solutions for treating post-injury knee pain.


What Are the Common Causes of Back Pain?


Back pain affects virtually everyone at some point in their life. Find out what may be causing your back pain and what treatment options you have.

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