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Knee Pain? Hip Pain? Shoulder Pain? Back Pain? You May Not Need Surgery

By: Our Team


Whether your pain is acute vs. chronic, mild vs. severe, or isolated vs. widespread, you deserve to get rapid and reliable relief from your symptoms. For many people, the thought of extensive surgery or a lengthy recovery period prohibits them from pursuing a remedy for their pain. At Pain Zero, our expert team of interventional pain management specialists is committed to helping patients in Central Ohio achieve long-lasting pain relief in the most efficient and convenient way possible using advanced nonsurgical and minimally invasive tools and technologies. Want to learn more about how these cutting-edge pain solutions may help you avoid surgery? Let’s go! 


What options do I have to treat chronic pain without surgery?  

Thanks to the staggering advancements made in modern medicine and technology, New Albany, OH patients have more options for minimally invasive and nonsurgical pain relief treatments than ever before. The most appropriate treatment for each patient will depend on the cause of their pain, the type and location of their pain, the severity and history of their pain, and other individual factors. Common nonsurgical treatments for addressing conditions like hip pain, bursitis, arthritis, and others include:  

Nerve blocks and nerve ablations are other interventions, as well as minimally invasive discectomy, tenotomy, rhizotomy, interspinous spacer, interspinous fixation, and minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusions. 

Following a thorough evaluation and consultation, one of our pain management experts will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment for you. When more conservative measures – like oral medications and lifestyle changes – fail to provide adequate pain relief, one of the nonsurgical or minimally invasive treatments above may be the next most appropriate step. In some cases, patients may ultimately require more extensive treatment to achieve their desired level of pain relief, but our team is still committed to making the experience as convenient as possible. For patients with certain kinds of back pain and mobility issues, for example, minimally invasive spine treatments offer the opportunity to enhance comfort and function without extensive surgery or an extended recovery process. Minimally invasive surgeries and procedures can also be suitable for older patients who may not be willing or able to undergo more extensive surgeries that require general anesthesia and longer recovery times. 


What types of pain can be treated without surgery?  

With the diverse array of tools, technologies, and systems offered at Pain Zero, our patients have the opportunity to find nonsurgical relief from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions, such as:  


As a complement to your nonsurgical pain relief treatment, our knowledgeable team may also recommend dietary and lifestyle modifications, changes to your exercise routine, certain medications, and other solutions for boosting and preserving your results. Regardless of the cause of your pain, we are committed to helping you achieve reliable relief without the need for surgery whenever possible. 


We have options if you had surgery and still have pain  

If you feel like you’ve exhausted your options for pain relief and surgery didn't stop the pain, we can help. Sometimes, surgeons solve the structural problems that required surgery, but the pain still persists – We can help! For more information on the extensive suite of minimally invasive and nonsurgical pain relief options offered at Pain Zero, call or, even easier, schedule an appointment online at our office in Grove City, OH or near New Albany, OH to schedule your consultation and pain assessment with one of our pain management experts today. 

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