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Disc Issues and Sciatica Pain Relief Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

Most people come to Pain Zero hoping to find a more immediate relief of disc issues or sciatica pain. Our practice is the only one in the area offering targeted endoscopic spine interventions, whether it’s a discectomy or rhizotomy. Find out how our disc and sciatica pain treatment team in Columbus can help you.

Understanding Disc Issues and Sciatica Pain

Disc issues and sciatica pain can significantly impact daily life, causing discomfort and limitation in movement. By recognizing symptoms and understanding the underlying issues, you can take proactive steps towards managing and alleviating the discomfort associated with disc issues and sciatica pain in Columbus at Pain Zero.

  • Persistent lower back pain
  • Radiating pain down the leg
  • Numbness or tingling sensation in the leg or foot
  • Weakness in the leg or foot

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the gold standard for evaluating disc issues and determining if pain originates from the back. Sometimes, the nerve gets pinched along the body, and that’s where electromyography (EMG) comes into the discussion. Either way, if we can isolate the nerve responsible for the pain, we can treat it.

This is my first visit it went pretty good I felt relaxed with them and it seemed like he truly really wanted to help me to get my pain in order and I'm looking forward to my next visit till I see I can see where we go next on handling my pain shook my hand very polite very good doctor

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The staff are very accommodating to your needs. The doctor listens to you throughout the procedure.

R.G. Google

I feel that I received above average care today. Dr T treated me like a real person with respect and empathy

D.P. Google

Dr. Harris is a wonderful doctor with a kind heart and takes his time to listen to his PT's.

A.B. Google

I walked out of the doctors office feeling that I can be helped. It's been over 5 yrs since I've felt hopeful. Dr. Harris informed me of treatments I've never been offered that has help so many others

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Non-Surgical Sciatica Pain and Disc Issues Treatment in Columbus

At our pain management clinic in Columbus, we often recommend treatments for sciatica pain relief and disc problems that do not require surgery and opt for minimal invasiveness for maximum relief. Most injections for disc and sciatica pain relief at our Columbus clinic require using a needle no bigger than a flu shot.

Quality of life goals are the deciding factor: if you lead an active lifestyle and want to continue pushing yourself, your choices may differ from someone dealing with the pain for decades. Ultimately we offer all therapies to all patients and leave it for you to decide.

There are noninvasive and interventional procedures for disc-related issues and sciatica management, including but not limited to:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Laser and Ultrasound Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Epidural Steroid Injections (Interlaminar, Transforaminal)
  • Selective Nerve Root Blocks
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks
  • Intradiscal Injections
  • Endoscopic Discectomy
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation
  • Pain Pump (Intrathecal Pump Therapy)

What to Expect When Seeking Relief at Pain Zero

The first visit at Pain Zero involves reviewing a patient’s history and getting to know them. There’s a lot to unpack and many decisions to digest. We want to make sure you are well aware of your options, and strive to help whether you pursue future care with us or not. A physical examination will take place, followed by an imaging review, which allows us to see what is happening in your body.

Our practice uses the most modern technology offered in X-Ray imaging and ultrasound-guided interventions which a licensed practitioner will perform. To be even more specific, we can target the nerves that are being pinched under X-Ray and ultrasound guidance. We also offer endoscopic interventions where we use an ultra-minimally invasive approach through an incision smaller than a fingernail to remove disc bulges from pushing on the nerve using a camera. The success rate is estimated at 80-90%, with less pain and better mobility after surgery. The recovery time is virtually none compared to major surgery; however, sometimes surgery is the only answer, and your Columbus disc and sciatica care specialist will discuss that with you.

After your treatment, our clinic collaborates closely with other healthcare professionals, such as orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, rehab physicians, neurologists, and physical therapists, to manage follow-ups. We get reports, whether it’s from physical therapy or surgical evaluations so we can better counsel and support you in your decision making.

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Struggling with pinched nerves and back pain caused by disc and sciatica issues can be a thing of the past. Achieve your activity goals, like walking, running, or traveling, by starting your pain relief journey at Pain Zero in Columbus. Schedule a private consultation at one of our Central Ohio offices to find out which treatment is best for you.

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