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Also known as stenosing tenosynovitis, trigger finger is a condition that causes inflammation of the A1 pulley of the finger, which lies across the metacarpal phalangeal (MCP) joint in the tendons of the fingers or thumb. When trying to bend your finger, you may experience catching or locking across the MCP joint. When the finger is stuck in this bent position, it is called a “trigger finger.”

The finger may be difficult to straighten, and sometimes you may forcefully have to extend and “untrigger” your finger. The cause of the trigger finger is thought to be the narrowing of the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the affected finger. With prolonged inflammation, scarring, thickening (fibrosis), and bumps (nodules) can form.

Treatment for trigger finger usually involves an ultrasound-guided injection around the inflamed tendon sheath. The A1 pulley and the actual triggering can be visualized under ultrasound as it happens. This area can then be targeted for an ultrasound-guided cortisone injection, which decreases inflammation around the tendon sheath and tenosynovium, allowing the tendon to once again glide without catching.

For patients with chronic trigger fingers, there may be adhesions and fibrous thickening that need to be separated. Our pain care specialists at Pain Zero can use ultrasound and gently break apart these adhesions without the need for surgery.

As a last resort, surgery can be recommended if minimally invasive procedures do not provide adequate relief.

When the tendons within your fingers become inflamed and cause trigger finger, contact Pain Zero to return function in your hand. Our providers are experts in ultrasound-guided procedures and will be able to improve your pain and restore your function safely and effectively. Contact us today to schedule your consultation at one of our Central Ohio locations.

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