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Pain Zero offers effective treatment solutions to help alleviate various forms of cancer pain, which may develop from a number of causes. Acute cancer pain is commonly experienced following surgical procedures to remove cancerous growths while chronic cancer pain is generally a result of damaged nerves or a growth that is pressing on bones, the pelvis, or other tissues and organs, like the pancreas. In some cases, phantom pain in areas that have been removed from the body or pain from the body's response to cancer medications may occur.

Regardless of the source, it is important to visit a qualified medical professional to determine the cause of cancer pain. When you visit our Central Ohio pain management facility for your consultation, our experienced pain specialists may perform diagnostic testing and imaging to gain a better understanding of your pain and rule out other potential sources. Let our experts help you enjoy improved comfort and an enhanced quality of living with innovative cancer pain treatment options.

During your private consultation, our team will perform a comprehensive exam and review your symptoms and medical history to better understand your condition and determine the precise source of your cancer pain.

While a range of factors may contribute to the onset and duration of cancer pain, our specialists will recommend treatment options based on the intensity, type of pain, and your unique needs. Therapeutic solutions or medications may be recommended at first to help provide relief. For more intense types of cancer pain, our team may suggest injection procedures to minimize discomfort and swelling in affected areas. A nerve block may also be utilized to treat pain resulting from nerve damage.

Pain Zero doctors will personalize care for each individual and will thoroughly explain your treatment solutions and any aftercare recommendations to help optimize your results. During follow-up visits, a member of our staff may adjust your care to further enhance your comfort and treatment outcomes.

This is my first visit it went pretty good I felt relaxed with them and it seemed like he truly really wanted to help me to get my pain in order and I'm looking forward to my next visit till I see I can see where we go next on handling my pain shook my hand very polite very good doctor

H.M. Google

Dr Harris is a breath of fresh air in every aspect of a doctor patient relationship. He is profoundly attentive to the needs of his patients and has the ability to communicate effectively with them and to put together a plan that will be in their best interest. I can highly recommend him to anyone that is suffering with unbearable pain. He has been a great help to me in treating my unbearable pain.

B.C. Google

I was very happy with the doctor and his decisions to help me with the pain problems I have been dealing with!

P.C. Google

He is a really good doctor, he is checking all possible things in my back so he knows how to treat me

T.T. Google

My first experience put my back at ease.

C.G. Google


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You will find comfort and compassion when you visit our experienced pain management team at Pain Zero. Our office is committed to helping you live a better quality of life. Schedule a consultation at one of our Central Ohio offices to get relief from painful symptoms today.

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