Pain Management Services

Cutting-Edge Procedures


Epidural Steroid Injections

To alleviate pain or inflammation caused by a spinal injury or fracture, an epidural steroid injection is administered directly into the spine.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Pain Zero provides alternatives to SI joint fusion in Ohio if you've been told you need SI joint fusion surgery or have had surgery with low results.

Alternative Therapy

If you’ve had surgery & are still experiencing pain, Pain Zero can help by providing alternative joint pain treatments in Ohio.

Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

Pain Zero helps patients looking for an alternative to laminectomy surgery and those suffering from post-laminectomy syndrome to find pain relief.

IV Infusion Therapy

IV Medication Infusions in Columbus may be the solution you've been looking for to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or chronic pain.

Nerve Blocks

A nerve block is a minimally invasive treatment that utilizes specialized medication to prevent or block the nerves from sending pain signals.

Interventional Behavior Health

Interventional behavioral health encompasses the well-being of patients, especially those in chronic pain, who may experience anxiety or depression.

Trigger Point Injections

Combined steroid and anesthetic injections are used to treat painful muscle knots by relaxing and separating contracted muscle fibers to relieve pain.

Medication Management

These strong relievers are used to treat chronic pain for a short time to avoid addiction. Pain care specialists closely monitor this option.

Pain Pump in Columbus Ohio

Infusions are non-opioid treatments that can be safely used to treat a variety of painful medical conditions.

Radiofrequency Ablation

This pain management treatment utilizes radio waves to focus on tissues to decrease pain signals from the nerve and improve your body functions.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

This pain management therapy delivers electrical stimulation to the spinal cord or peripheral nerves, blocking pain signals to the brain.

Minimally Invasive Spine

We specialize in minimally invasive spine treatments, such as discectomy, annuloplasty, nucleoplasty, lumbar spine fusion, SIJ fusion, and more.

Regenerative Medicine

Our team provides regenerative medicine to assist your body in healing itself with the use of orthobiologics, like platelet-rich plasma and more.

Ultrasound Therapy

Our team can navigate your problematic veins using ultrasound-guided therapy techniques instead of the "open" surgery approaches of the past.


Kyphoplasty uses a special bone cement to restore vertebral body height from a spinal compression fracture, which may also relieve pain.

Weight Loss Injections

Pain Zero provides semaglutide weight loss injections in Columbus, Ohio for patients struggling to lose weight, whether or not they have diabetes.

Lumbar Fusion

If you’re searching for an alternative to lumbar fusion surgery in Ohio, Pain Zero can help you explore options to reduce spinal discomfort.
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