Pain Labs: Clinical Research Center

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Our Mission

Pain Labs is the official research division of Pain Zero. Although functioning independent of Pain Zero clinical care, Pain Labs is committed to bringing the future of medicine to the forefront of care today. By participating in research studies and clinical trials, our physicians are able to offer the most cutting edge treatments and alternatives to our patients that are not yet available to the public.

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Who We Are

Our center conducts clinical trials and participates in the research and development of therapies and technologies that will allow the field of pain management and medicine to grow. We are exploring treatments to provide patients with even better outcomes.

Our research department gives patients access to the most advanced technologies in existence and works to develop strategies in concert with industry experts to allow individuals the best care with the least risk.

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What Sets Us Apart

We are one of the only active private practice non-profit research sites in the field of interventional pain medicine in our area.

Active Projects

Discover the latest advancements at our pain management practice as we embark on exciting new projects designed to enhance patient care and outcomes.


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Primary Research