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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a disorder that may occur following a surgical procedure, heart attack, stroke, or a physical injury (such as a fracture). CRPS Type 1, also called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD), typically affects the arms or legs and may cause swelling and pain, impair immobility, and impact bone and skin tissues. CRPS Type 2 is a neurological disorder that can produce long-lasting, intense pain after an injury or trauma to a peripheral nerve. Peripheral nerves run from your spine and brain to your limbs.

While there is no cure for CRPS, there is a wide range of treatment options that can generally be effective in reducing pain and symptoms. Our qualified team of specialists at Pain Zero offers the expert treatment needed to manage your CRPS symptoms. Our staff utilizes the most advanced, innovative techniques to ease pain and other symptoms and help you enjoy greater comfort in your daily life. If you believe CRPS is impacting your health and well-being, please contact one of our Central Ohio facilities to make an appointment with a member of our pain management team.

Depending on each patient's needs, our team may combine treatments to cope with your CRPS, which might include occupational and physical therapy, medications, nerve blocks, and psychological treatments. Along with these options, our physicians may suggest the use of injections and nerve or spinal cord stimulation.

The treatments ideal for your specific case of CRPS will be based upon the exact location of pain and the severity of your condition. To customize your treatment needs, our team will thoroughly explain all of your options and help you determine the course of ideal care for your own pain and health.

Examples include:

  • TCA
  • LDN
  • IV medication infusion
  • Sympathetic Nerve Block (Stellate, Lumbar Sympathetic)
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
  • DRG Stimulation

This is my first visit it went pretty good I felt relaxed with them and it seemed like he truly really wanted to help me to get my pain in order and I'm looking forward to my next visit till I see I can see where we go next on handling my pain shook my hand very polite very good doctor

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The staff are very accommodating to your needs. The doctor listens to you throughout the procedure.

R.G. Google

I feel that I received above average care today. Dr T treated me like a real person with respect and empathy

D.P. Google

Dr. Harris is a wonderful doctor with a kind heart and takes his time to listen to his PT's.

A.B. Google

I walked out of the doctors office feeling that I can be helped. It's been over 5 yrs since I've felt hopeful. Dr. Harris informed me of treatments I've never been offered that has help so many others

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Living with a chronic, painful condition can be challenging for any individual coping with CRPS. If this pain makes it difficult for you to enjoy life or prohibits you from participating in routine activities, contact our expert team at Pain Zero today to learn more about treatment options for CRPS. It's time to make the unexplained pain go away. Schedule your consultation at one of our Central Ohio facilities today.

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