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Trigger Point Injections in Central Ohio

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Trigger point injections use a combination of local anesthetic and corticosteroids to treat pain caused by knotted muscles (trigger points) that do not relax when the surrounding tissue relaxes. Due to damage or stress, trigger points can cause extensive pain and discomfort. Fortunately, trigger points can be treated at Pain Zero through a series of medicated injections. Trigger point injections are designed to relax muscle fibers and alleviate pain. You can learn more about trigger point injections by requesting a consultation at one of our Central Ohio locations today.

Anyone experiencing muscle pain from tension or knots might benefit from a trigger point injection. The procedure begins by identifying sensitive muscle regions and injecting anesthetic and corticosteroid into the area. Our experienced pain care specialist will then manually work the trigger point to break up the spasm with the hand and needle to gently relax the over-contracted zone.

Sometimes, our team uses ultrasound guidance to perform these injections. The procedure only takes a few minutes and may be repeated frequently, if needed. If you are experiencing a muscle spasm, you may be a candidate for trigger point injections at Pain Zero.

Muscle pain can be a tremendous obstacle to your quality of life and physical well-being. Our compassionate pain care doctors at Pain Zero are highly qualified to administer trigger point injections to patients in the Central Ohio area. To see if this highly effective and comfort-restoring treatment is right for you, please reach out to one of our Central Ohio facilities and schedule a consultation.

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