Cancer Pain and New Interventional Therapies Underutilized In the Ohio Area

By: Our Team


Men and women with cancer often develop pain, whether associated with the cancer itself or a procedure performed to treat cancer. For example, women who undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer may experience chronic nerve pain due to nerve damage during surgery, and patients with other types of cancers can develop pain as the result of a growing tumor. Even chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments increase the chances of experiencing pain. While some patients turn to oral opioid pain management to get relief from their symptoms, the side effects of prescription opioids can be extremely dangerous. At Pain Zero, our expert team of pain management specialists helps patients in Central Ohio find reliable relief from cancer-related pain using the safest, most effective, and most current technologies available today. Let’s take a closer look at your non-opioid options for managing cancer pain in Central Ohio. 


Does cancer hurt?  

For some people, cancer does not produce painful symptoms until later stages. This may be due to a growing tumor displacing organs or putting undue pressure on a nerve. In other cases, cancer pain is associated with cancer treatment or cancer-related surgery. 


How is cancer pain managed?  

To determine the best approach for treating your cancer pain, our providers will thoroughly review your health and surgical history, discuss your symptoms, assess the nature and severity of your pain, and listen to your lifestyle needs, preferences, and other factors. We are proud to offer a complete range of cutting-edge and modern cancer pain management therapies in Central Ohio, allowing our patients to take advantage of safe, non-addictive, and effective alternatives to traditional pain management. Some cancer pain therapies that can provide remarkable relief along with opioids and other medications include:    

  • Verteberal Augmentation for Bone Metastasis  
  • Nerve Block Injections  
  • Infusion Systems   
  • Pain Pumps

With interventional therapy, pain signals to the nerves can be minimized or disrupted through the deposition of certain medications or anesthetics and not interrupt your quality of life. 


What are infusion systems for cancer pain management?  

Intrathecal drug infusion is a delivery mechanism by which medications can be administered directly to the patient’s spinal cord at any given time. This approach involves implanting an intrathecal pain pump beneath the skin on the patient’s abdomen or back and programming the pump to release medication at predetermined times and amounts directly into the body with less side effects than oral medications. The release of medication can be adjusted based on the patient’s symptoms or changes in their condition. Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy may also be an option for chronic pain management and in some cancers help prevent metastasis or spread of the disease. 


Am I a candidate for interventional cancer pain management?  

Injection therapy, pain pumps, and other treatment options may be appropriate for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain associated with cancer and/or cancer treatments, particularly those with breast cancer or certain cancers of the abdominal cavity, such as pancreatic, liver, or colon cancers. Additionally, patients with pain related to certain non-cancerous conditions – like post-surgical pain or sciatica – may be candidates for infusion or injection therapy. Our team will work with you to find the most suitable treatment course for you so that you can begin feeling better as soon as possible. 


Consider all of your options for cancer pain management in Columbus and Central Ohio  

Don’t let cancer pain rule your life any longer. With more options available for treating cancer pain than ever before – many of which are underutilized in Central Ohio – you can get the relief you deserve and regain control of your life once again. Consider getting a second opinion when receiving care at Columbus Cancer Hospitals such as The James at Ohio State University, Ohio Health, and Mount Carmel - we would love to coordinate your care with oncologists to make sure we all improve your quality of life. Take the first step toward cancer pain relief in our Central Ohio locations today by calling to schedule your private consultation at Pain Zero.

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