Pain Zero Commentary

Letter to the Editor Regarding Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

Our Team06/05/2024

Commentary on the ability of dorsal root ganglion stimulation to regenerate small fiber peripheral nerves.


Intrathecal drug delivery systems for cancer pain

Our Team03/26/2024

Commentary regarding recent research on differences between pain pump device types.


Progress in understanding the analgesic potential of ‘classic’ psychedelics

Our Team12/09/2023

Commentary on recent research concerning the use of psychedelics to treat chronic pain.


Potential factors influencing success in sacroiliac joint injections

Our Team12/01/2023

Commentary on the therapeutic value of sacroiliac joint injections, and how steroid choice may influence their success.


Letter to the Editor on Predictors for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery Failure

Our Team12/01/2023

Letter to the editor regarding a recent study on factors that can predict failure after surgery to treat lumbar spinal stenosis.


Understanding clinically significant risks in intravenous ketamine therapy

Our Team10/04/2023

Commentary on an article reporting risks and benefits of ketamine therapy.


Letter to the Editor Regarding Deep Neuromuscular Blocks

Our Team09/26/2023

Letter to the editor discussing the utility of deep neuromuscular blocks for different types of lumbar decompression surgeries.


Examining a novel marker of central sensitization in chronic pain

Our Team09/01/2023

Commentary piece on an emerging diagnostic test that has not yet been clinically validated in humans.


Co-use of opioids with cannabis: evaluating risks and benefits

Our Team06/01/2023

Commentary on a nationwide study examining correlations between cannabis and opioid use.


Predicting ketamine infusion therapy efficacy

Our Team05/11/2023

Letter to the editor discussing factors that can be used to predict the success of ketamine therapy.

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